The web accessibility of a website is the indicator of the ease with which it can be used, visited or accessed by any person, especially by those with a physical or cognitive impairment, whether temporary or permanent, or having difficulties due to technological or cultural limitations.

This website has been designed and programmed following the guidelines laid down in the document Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, defined by the WAI working group of the W3C.


The use of dropdown menus has been avoided. In addition, it is possible to skip reading the menu to more easily access the content of each page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard navigation of the most important menus and hyperlinks on the website has been enabled. To this end, a single letter has been assigned to each option.

The operation of the keyboard shortcuts on your computer depends on the web browser you are using.

Internet Explorer: ALT + letra +ENTER

Mozilla Firefox: ALT + letra

Safari: ALT + letra

Opera: MAYÚSCUALS + ESC + letra

Google Chrome: ALT + MAYÚSCULAS + letra


The visual text – known as anchor text – of a hyperlink describes by itself the destination of said hyperlink. This information is reinforced by means of the TITLE attribute, which is used to elaborate on and describe the hyperlink in more detail.

Most sequential text reading browsers (such as JAWS, Lynx or Opera) offer the possibility of drawing a list of the hyperlinks on a website. This is why a practice of descriptive links is essential.

We do not use JavaScript hyperlinks. The website can be browsed with JavaScript disabled.


All images on the website include detailed descriptions thereof. This is the information that sequential text browsers transmit to their users.

CSS style sheets

The content of the visual presentation of the website has been separated by means of style sheets. Thus, text readers naturally filter the content.

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